audio mixing

Live Sound Q&A

What questions do you have about achieving excellent live sound in your worship experience? Microphone selection, microphone techniques, proper soundcheck workflow, PA system optimization? What about mixing techniques such as proper musical balance, use of compressors...

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Solve Problems and Create a Clear and Present Mix with EQ

Why does my vocal sound so muddy? Why are my stage monitors feeding back? How can I make each individual instrument be heard in my mix? These are challenges every sound person can learn to overcome through the application of EQ. Equalizers are the bread and butter of...

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Improving the Audio for Your Livestream Broadcast

The pandemic forced churches and any other venue that hosted live music to shut down, along with restaurants, schools, sporting events and many others. I was deluged with requests from churches asking me how to set up a system that would allow them to stream their...

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