Production Track

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Worship Production Track

In-person/On-line Production and How to Create More Engagement

We believe every church should have access to education supporting its vision, calling, and community.

This track is designed for :

  • Tech and Production Directors
  • Worship and Creative Ministry Leaders
  • Staff and Volunteer Members of Tech and Production Teams
  • Communications Teams
  • Pastors and Executive Pastors

By attending, you will learn from experts the strategies and skills your church needs and return home with confidence and implement what you learned.

Attend and learn:

  • How to create a live stream people want to watch
  • Developing a compelling onscreen look
  • Troubleshooting tips for livestreaming 
  • Camera & lighting strategies and techniques 
  • Audio practices for hybrid worship
  • Tech upgrade master planning
  • How to increase engagement during a live stream
  • Using your tech to create space for worship
  • Service planning tips for hybrid worship experiences
  • Creative ministry ideas for deeper engagement
  • How to get a web visitor to attend church in person
  • Maximizing your current resources to share Christ online 

And More!