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Managing Acoustics in Challenging Hybrid Worship Environments


Apr 28, 2023


4:45 pm - 5:30 pm


Worship Production

Good acoustics for worship are important for clear speech, musical performance, creating a sense of awe, and enhancing the overall worship experience for the congregation. They ensure that the spoken word is clear and easily understood and can help to create a rich, full sound that complements the musical style and creates a more engaging experience for the congregation. The challenge is that many tech teams are working with spaces that have poor acoustics or spaces that were not originally designed for today’s musical format, making it difficult to control sound. In this session, we’ll explore ways to improve the acoustic environment and control sound in such spaces for both your in-person and online mix.

Takeaways include:

  • Gain insight into ways to improve the sound quality of your services


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  • Jeff Barnett
    Jeff Barnett
    Director of Worship Sales at Sweetwater

    Jeff Barnett is the Director of Worship Sales at Sweetwater. He has 30 years’ experience in worship technology as a live sound and recording engineer, system designer, installer, educator, and musician. Jeff works with thousands of churches and worship artists from all over the world, including Jesus Culture, David Crowder, Shane & Shane, and many more. Jeff enjoys working in his home studio and singing with his a cappella group, Smooth Edge 2. Jeff and his wife Brit are proud parents of six kids and are still trying to figure out where the youngest one’s left shoe is. (If you see it, please let him know.)

  • Kent Morris
    Kent Morris
    Live Sound Market Manager at Sweetwater

    Kent Morris is a true veteran of the worship technology arena, with over forty years of experience in overseeing hundreds of AVLA installations in some of the most well-known churches in the country. From Mt. Paran Church of God in Atlanta to Dr. John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Kent has designed and implemented media systems for countless venues, including the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington, Texas, and even for legendary actor Morgan Freeman and renowned musician BB King. Kent has also managed events as diverse as Riverfest and Timothy-Barnabas with Dr. Johnny Hunt from the North American Mission Board.
    Over the years, Kent has developed techniques for live worship events that are now recognized as standard procedure across the worship community worldwide, and he has written over a thousand technical articles in publications such as Worship Leader, Live Sound International, Sound and Video Contractor, Worship Musician, Pro Sound News, and Christianity Today. He has also taught thousands of seminars across thirty countries, from Myanmar to Suriname and Italy to Zambia.
    Currently, Kent serves as the FOH audio at First Baptist Atlanta, having worked with Dr. Charles Stanley for years until his recent retirement and now serving senior pastor Dr. Anthony George. Kent is also the Live Sound Market Manager for Sweetwater Music and Pro Audio, a $1.5 billion online retailer based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where he serves as an ambassador and advisor for the live event industry. He is also a weekly Instructor of Production Technology at the University of Mobile.


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