Who Attends?

CFX Essentials is designed to support churches of all sizes and is priced to deliver extraordinary value to leadership teams, staff, and volunteers. Held on April 28-29, 2023 (Friday afternoon and Saturday) CFX is meant to fit into busy schedules, and to support the training needs of staff and key volunteers.

CFX Essentials is attended by:

  • Pastors and Executive Pastors
  • Tech and Worship Directors
  • Facility or Building Managers
  • Safety & Security Teams
  • Communications Teams
  • Staff and key volunteers  

Churches of All Sizes

Because of the incredible value presented by CFX Essentials, churches of all sizes that are committed to acquiring the skills and solutions to grow will be attending.

Solution Providers

CFX is supported by the manufacturers, brands, and solution providers serving churches today.

Products include:

  • Audio Systems
  • Audio Mixing
  • Building Design
  • Building Projects
  • Building Use/Management
  • Streaming/Broadcast
  • Sanctuary and Technology Upgrades
  • Safety and Security
  • Video Capture and Production