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Live Sound Q&A


Apr 29, 2023


9:15 am - 10:00 am


Worship Production

What questions do you have about achieving excellent live sound in your worship experience? Microphone selection, microphone techniques, proper soundcheck workflow, PA system optimization? What about mixing techniques such as proper musical balance, use of compressors and equalizers, or effects, and ear training? What type of loudspeakers are correct for my worship space? Why do I have feedback and how I do eliminate it? Any topic related to live worship sound is free game.

You decide the content for this session! Please bring relevant, clear questions and we’ll address as many as time allows. If you have a pressing question you’d like to ensure we have time to cover, feel free to send it in advance to Kent Margraves—recently from Elevation Church (kent@kentmargraves.com)—and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Potential topics include:

  • Live worship sound from front to back—from the microphone to the loudspeaker
  • New mixing techniques
  • Tools for ear training
  • Dispelling myths about sound reinforcement
  • Truly understanding signal processing
  • Effective sound checking techniques—including managing the worship team
  • Healthy discussions with peers from our ministries facing the same challenges and goals of great live sound


  • Kent Margraves
    Kent Margraves
    Former FOH Audio Operations at Elevation Church

    Kent Margraves earned a B.S. in Music Theory and has been mixing audio for over 30 years. He’s made a career of managing the delicate blend of art and science that is front-of-house sound. He’s worked with a long list of notable artists and venues across the globe, and has led hundreds of audio seminars and workshops, as well as authored various articles and white papers. Also, Margraves served as a worship audio director for nearly a decade and has worked as Applications Specialist with Sennheiser, Digidesign, and Waves, and now manages the Midwestern U.S. at Meyer Sound. Along the way, he’s continued to mix FOH and coach at his home church, Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, for more than 13 years.


Christ Lutheran Pit (Youth Room)