Why Attend?


Attend and Learn New Skills


Return with Confidence and Implement

We listen to churches and we understand their unique challenges.

We created CFX Essentials to teach church teams to improve in two critical areas. We know that if a church is more effective, focused, and trained in these areas, it will move more confidently to reach and engage more people in their community.

The stakes are high, and the challenges are real, but we’ve created an event experience that can help you and your church right away.

By attending, you will begin a journey to help your church become a place of greater connection and growth.

CFX Essentials Features 2 Educational Tracks on:

In-Person/Online Worship Production and How to Create More Engagement
Designing, Renovating, Managing, and Securing Your Church

Plus, 30+ exhibitors representing the very best consultants and manufacturers who understand churches.

Churches Who Attend:

  • Implement New Skills More Quickly
  • Share Ideas More Freely
  • Implement Ideas with Greater Confidence
  • Experience Greater Engagement

We’ve served churches for more than 15 years. We’re your trusted source for education events and digital media, and we’re on a mission to help churches become places of increased connection and growth.