Facilities Track

Start the Journey of Becoming a Church of  Greater Connection and Growth


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Pursue Your Vision with Confidence

Facilities Track

Designing, Renovating, Managing, and Securing Your Church

We believe every church should have access to education supporting its vision, calling, and community.

This track is designed for :

  • Facilities Managers and Teams
  • Pastors and Executive Pastors
  • Building Committees and Elders
  • Safety & Security Teams

By attending, you will learn from experts the strategies and skills your church needs and return home with confidence and implement what you learned.

Attend and learn:

  • How to develop safety procedures & plans
  • Learning how to de-escalate a toxic situation
  • Active shooter security prevention & education
  • How to develop a maintenance & repair plan and budget 
  • Facility cleaning and energy management practices and procedures
  • Design concepts for worship and maximum engagement
  • When to build new, purchase, or remodel your existing space
  • How to create and manage your budget for a building upgrade or new construction project
  • Creating ways to use your facilities for community engagement and revenue generation 
  • Envisioning and implementing funding campaigns

And More!