Closing Session

End your experience at CFX Essentials with a final time of worship and inspiration to help you head home with your new strategies to implement in your ministries.

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Tech Leader Collective

As tech leaders, your role has very specific needs. In order to understand your role and how to be a successful leader, this interactive session is just for you. Hear from a panel church leaders and experts how to balance your responsibilities, develop a team culture,...

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Pastors & Tech Leaders: Shared Goals, Same Vision

The relationship between the Lead Pastor and the Technical Director/Lead is a critical relationship. Learn how to work well together in order to have a cohesive worship service that tells the message in a unified way. Are you a lead pastor seeking strategies to build...

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Remote Production Can Help Small Teams

Sometimes you don't have people who can physically be onsite to run the production of your broadcast. Remote production opportunities can help. Discover how it's possible to have someone running the broadcast and controls from a remote location. This is an excellent...

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