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Service Planning: Don’t Let Tech Distract from God’s Message


Apr 29, 2023


9:15 am - 10:00 am


Worship Production

How do we as the Church embrace the technological experience, but not let it distract from our ministry and God’s message to his people? We begin to look to the world of live production to start us on a journey of following a production type model to cohesively present the most powerful “story” we, as the Church, have to tell each and every week.

Takeaways include:

  • Create a plan of success for every element in the service
  • Find cohesion across the process so no element sticks out
  • Understand how the “teaching” or “sermon” is the story arch of the service
  • Leave an impactful exit


  • Kristen Klar
    Kristen Klar
    Owner and Consultant at K Klar Enterprises

    Kristen comes from a very diverse background with 17 years of live production and integration experience, with a focus on lighting design. She transitioned away from the production industry for a short time to help lead a small construction company on integration of process flow. Now she uses both backgrounds to help companies understand procedural flow leading to successful scaling.


Christ Lutheran Music Room