De-Escalation: Tips on Defusing Toxic Encounters

Words matter! What we say and how we say it can be the difference between an argument and voluntary compliance. The words we choose, our tone, pitch, and volume, along with our non-verbal cues, can further our communications and interactions and, in the case of a...

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Developing and Maintaining a Safety and Security Ministry

Whether your church has an established safety team or you're looking to create one, there are always things to consider to ensure the maximum safety of your church. Recruiting and maintaining the right volunteers to serve can determine how successful your ministry...

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Active Shooter Security Training: Worship Without Worry

This workshop incorporates training presentations with an in-depth look back at active shooter events that have occurred, while using the Active Shooter Prevention Project's (ASPP) material to assist you in understanding and mitigating the unthinkable from happening...

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