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Developing and Maintaining a Safety and Security Ministry


Apr 29, 2023


9:15 am - 10:00 am


Facility Design‚ Use‚ and Safety

Whether your church has an established safety team or you’re looking to create one, there are always things to consider to ensure the maximum safety of your church. Recruiting and maintaining the right volunteers to serve can determine how successful your ministry will be. Creating team structures to help your volunteers and staff avoid burnout creates sustainability.

You also need to clearly define the responsibilities of each member of the Safety and Security Team for both services and special events. Discover how to use law enforcement for protection and traffic needs when necessary. Furthermore, implementing and maintaining safety systems such as the use of security cameras or access control can further create a safe environment.

Bring your questions and we’ll cover those as well!

Takeaways include:

  • Identify the right person for the responsibility of Safety and Security volunteer
  • Build and delegate responsibility so that your team thrives and doesn’t crumble under stress
  • Train a volunteer team in a consistent but time-honoring way
  • Learn how the use of safety/security technology can help serve your church and empower your volunteers


  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown
    Regional Safety Director at NewSpring Church

    Jacob Brown has been a part of NewSpring Church’s safety ministry for almost 8 years. He has served as a Campus Coordinatorvdeveloping a safety team at their broadcast location, as an Operations Director developing policy and procedure around what safety looks like at their church, and now as a Regional Safety Director managing safety at some of the campuses, while also supporting local staff in building their teams.


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