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Home Sessions Get a Web Visitor to Attend Church In Person!

Get a Web Visitor to Attend Church In Person!


Apr 29, 2023


11:30 am - 12:15 pm


Worship Production

85-90% of first-time in-person church guests will start on your church’s website. But what if they only stay online? Is that ok? What’s your church doing to get them to visit in-person? Is that your goal? Are there barriers? Let’s look at some practical changes you can do now on your website and in your services over time.

Takeaways include:

  • Pastors and Church Comms will discover why people attend online only
  • Identify barriers keeping the community from attending in person
  • Understand the purpose of the online service as an onramp
  • Discover the changes needed to your website and in other communication

Sponsored by:


  • Mark MacDonald
    Mark MacDonald
    Church Branding Strategist at Be Known for Something Branding Agency

    Mark MacDonald is Founder and Church Branding Strategist for BeKnownForSomething.com, a national church communication and branding agency, coaching pastors and 1000s of churches to become relevant in their community. He’s a bestselling author, has written 800+ magazine articles, and is also the Exec Director of Center for Church Communication. For over 30+ years, Mark has served as Pastor, Marketing VP, Creative Director, Speaker, and Strategist. He’s known for his ultra-practical teaching style!


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